these are the doubtful days
the self-critical days
the days where all is looked at
through magnifying lenses
and found wanting
where every word and action
is analysed and over-analysed
and I’m so busy analysing
that more words and actions
slip out of me unbidden
snippy, snappy, grumpy-face
and the loop repeats

and still you say you love me


my mood
is inversely proportional
to the amount
of time
I’ve spent awake
when I should
have been asleep
I’m tempted to draw a graph
though it’s unnecessary
no maths or science
are really required
just listen
to my voice
turned snappy and short
I am grumpiness
so I try
to be nice
and actually
by trying to be nice
I actually get nicer
and in the end
I shake off the grumps
and the line
on my graph
goes all wonky
and proves me wrong