after work

after all day
spent in a box
I dip my toes
into the meadow
then dive…
swim through the grass
leap over the bushes
splash back
into ferns and bramble
slow down
drink in the haze
herb robert
evening primrose
as insects
buzz their drunken songs
and I am sinking back
into the wild


I will dutifully stride
back and forth
gobbling up the grass
and spitting it out
in clumps

I will trim and shape
my hedges
slicing and shearing
making order
from chaos

these are my tokens
my gestures

but within my territory
between these green
this is my meadow
my bliss of nature
verdant immersion
my delight
where all wild things
are welcome

the wind burglar

howling a desperate lament
he scrabbles at the windows
shrieks echo down the chimney
the door creaks under the onslaught
the keyhole, the cat flap, the letter box
all rattled, shaken and pried at
a scream as the extractor fan
resists his bathroom break-in
finally a crash as he admits defeat
and flings the bin across the garden
in furious frustration