If I was not alone …

[poetry written after reading Leonard Cohen in the morning, sitting alone in bed … so blame him]

If I was not alone
This day would not seem so endless
Instead it would seem far too short
To fit in all that we could do

If I was not alone
We’d stay enclosed together
Warm covers comfortably concealing
Our bodies lying skin on skin

If I was not alone
There wouldn’t be this silence
It would be filled with hissing breath
And whispered words of wonder

If I was not alone
My mouth would not be empty
My hands would not be cold and still
The fire would be ignited

If I was not alone
The fire we stoked would smoulder
Even through the drifting day
While clocks hands spin the hours away

If I was not alone
I would not sit here writing words
I would move flesh on sizzling flesh
Instead of ink on paper