a thousand thank-yous

in a bewilderment
of wonder
I contemplate
how to say
a thousand thank-yous
to each and every one
who follows me here
so many times
I doubt the words I write
have any quality
worth reading
or truly count
as proper poetry
and yet you return
to read again
and feel the very feelings
of my heart

a blessing on the press of words

may the
calm white
of these
your soul

may the
your mind
and let
your wings

may there be
no pressure
to fill
this space,
just space
to fill
your heart
with light

and as
the mist of
envelops you

may the
healing words
pour forth
and drown

The Press of Words

I lie here in bed
Drifting through the press of words
Feeling emotions flowing round the globe
I sigh with them and cry with them
And smile with joy and wonder
This poetry is a powerful thing
It leaves us open and exposed
But when those cracks are showing
That’s when the light gets in
Mr Cohen knows his stuff
A thread of light runs
From blog to blog connecting all
Who spill thoughts in the press of words
And none of us are ever alone
And love may blossom here