definitely not a poem

I take a moment
or two
to let my mind wander
let go
of my thoughts
let them drift bubble-like
to sparkle
in imagined sun
wishing to fly
on winged words
drawing sensations
in vivid colour
but my mind is grounded
bogged down
and wreathed in fog
of day-to-day
and the words
sputter and fizzle
’til I give up
and go to bed


reduced to
this screen
cursor flashing

it waits
as I stumble
to put hugs
into words
to spell out
the ease
of a squeeze
and a kiss
to type
my fingers
into your hand

we woo’d
in word only
but words have

all that I want now
is you in the flesh


Note: I am on holiday with family and missing Bruce. I am having fun though and wouldn’t want my family to think I’m miserable! Just missing him in the midst of the fun.