lost for words

through haze
of tired eyes and mind
a glimpse
a word
a phrase
just tipping on my tongue
then lost
to weary sigh
and closing eye
as busy thoughts
and worries seep
and all my words
are filled with sleep

egg shell eyes

if I could just 
   let go for a moment
if I could be 
      by the blue egg shell
         of your eyes 
    and let slip my worries

          I could fly

and decisions 
   and plans 
      and work 

would be easy
          outside this anxiety

This may make slightly more sense if you’ve read this book


this mirror-me
stares back impassively
skin more lined now
perhaps a hint of grey
amid the blonde
tired but happy
her strength shows
in a defiant smile
a lop-sided grin
not allowing
fears and worries
to swallow her up
and pull her down
scars still there
from hurts and mistakes
but now older, wiser
forgiven and accepted
a believer in herself
she holds my gaze
dares me
to change my
of myself