to you

in this life that I live
   with its ups and its downs
      with its tears and its frowns

when I’m often in pain
   and feeling so weary
      so tired and dreary

in this wild head of mine
   where the worries swirl round
      anxieties abound

where golden honey’d glow
   can swiftly change its hue
      to deepest darkest blue

in this life that I live …

      there’s YOU

and no matter what
   brings me down
      you always
            lift me UP
               ’til I’m flying
                  above all the clouds
                     and I’m happy inside
                        where it matters the most

I can’t tell you
how you changed me
   for good
and how precious
   you are
how I love you
   so much

so much more than too




loom over me
like massive stone henge rocks
hewn out of solid granite

trapped in the middle
of the circle as they encroach
ever closer in a horror film 2 step

I’m backing away, feet sliding
slipping ever closer to chaos
to letting go of all the strings
and leaving it to unravel
as they overwhelm me

they pile on me from above
small stones and bigger rocks
thrown with force right at me

children, job, house, garden and car,
bills, phone calls, sickness, plans for afar,
how does this fit in, how does that,
where’s my this, where’s my that
the house is a mess, the garden a state
my reason is spinning, we will be late

til I’m buried in some kind of cairn
quietly sobbing please let me just be

I do not know the way from here
I can not see the path
I wish I knew the right direction
this place is all unknown to me
a stranger in a stranger land

my mind fills up with thoughts
my eyes shut tight block out the sight

I fear my feeble life abilities
can’t cope with these responsibilities
they’re growing larger every day

so I hide here in my grave of stones
black hole sucked and drained of life
as all around me falls apart

and I am
as I ever was
alone in this

and all I want
is simply

this feeling

this feeling
it can’t be held in
it seeps out
past any kind of attempt
to keep it covered

this feeling
it bubbles up
from deep within
bidding me shout it out
or whisper it softly to you

this feeling
when I look at you
it overwhelms me
lips curve, tears well
defences broken and tattered

this feeling
it lights me up
so I am glowing
I’m sure the world must see it
written in my eyes

this feeling
that draws you in
to rest upon my chest
to let your spirit softly land there
and nestle in

this feeling
a touch so tender
on my soul
a gentle trace of fingers
on my heartstrings

this feeling
this sweetest feeling
is real and true
this love
for you

don’t bring me roses

Photo thanks to Alex Crawford

just me

don’t bring me roses
 with their blood red petals
  with their gentle fragrance
   with their thorny stems
    with their soft cool frills

I could hold them close
  and breath in their scent
but I’d rather hold you

I could look in wonder
  at their perfect beauty
but I’d rather look at you

I could touch them to my skin
  and feel their caress
but I’d rather touch you

    bring me yourself
   with your cuts and scars
  with your sweet kindness
 with your imperfections
with your tender love

just you